Feedback Event Factory Tutorial

Setting up your new Feedback Event Factory is super simple!  View this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below after downloading and installing the plugin for Unreal Engine.

Step 1:  Creating a New Feedback Event Factory

First, right click in the directory where you'd like create a new Feedback Event Factory asset and select Blueprint Class.

Then, type "Factory" into the search bar, select a new Feedback Event Factory and save it as something intuitive.

Open this new blueprint, find the Feedback Event Factory values and start adding new events, as needed.  Individual parameters are well documented, so just hover your mouse over the variable name to get more info about what it does.

Step 2:  Spawning a Feedback Event Factory

There are a few simple ways to spawn a factory in the game.  The easiest way is to just drag the new asset you created above into your level.  Notice that you can set it to "Play Events on Begin Play" by ticking the appropriate box.

Or, you can uncheck "Play Events on Begin Play" and "Play Events" at the appropriate time in your level script by referencing the instance you've placed in your level.

Alternatively, you can bypass dropping the asset into the level and spawn a new Feedback Event Factory dynamically by calling one of the SpawnFeedbackEventFactory functions.  Make sure you save off a handle to the Feedback Event Factory if there are looping events so you can stop the events (and destroy the factory) at a later time.  If there aren't any looping events, the factory will destroy itself once all events have played out to completion.

When you want the Feedback Event Factory to go away (and destroy itself) just call StopEvents.